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09 November 2005 @ 09:38 am
Can't take that shit.  
So I'm about sick of listening to Glenda's drunk ass yell at Brendan and I every night. I just loooove hearing how much someone hates me, how I think I'm perfect, how I don't do a fucking thing around the house. No, paying rent to bitch who is just going to drink the money away isn't doing anything. It is most definitely a waste.

I'm tired of it. I'm tired of her telling her own son that he's a no good piece of shit. The only true thing she says when she's in a rage like that is when she calls him a "son of a bitch". You got that right, whore.

I hate her so much. Where does she get off? She will regret it, though. One day I'm leaving that house, and Brendan is coming with me. If he doesn't, that's his own fault. But if me and Brendan do stay together and we have children, they are NEVER FUCKING SEEING HER. And I will never go to her house again. When I do move out and if I do ever happen to go to her evil home again and she starts screaming and yelling telling us to get the "fuck out of my house", I'm going to beat her ass.

It's a bad fucking day. I wish I had someone to take it out on besides myself.

What pisses me off even more is she's probably being nice right now. She'll be sweet until she comes home drunk and tries to blame all her problems on us.

crimsoncurrent on December 17th, 2005 04:17 pm (UTC)
join anafriends while reg is open:)